Come as guests. leave as family.


If you’ve ever talked with us, you know about our love for winemaking.

It runs way back to when Marty peered curiously over the vats when his grandfather made wine out of his home. We are now a growing, family-owned winery in Redding, California that’s eager to invite new and old friends into our passion. Over the years, we’ve come to know that winemaking is a delicate balance of artistry, scientific precision and what just feels (tastes) right. 

Great wine comes from great grapes. So instead of growing our own or being locked into the local grapes of the region, we use premium grapes from some of our secret regions in Napa and Oregon. As for the rest, we do it all in Redding, from the crush to the bottle. We have a lot of passion about wine, food, family and community, as well as some good experience and wisdom from our many years on planet earth in other ventures.