great coffee In Redding


Yes, yes, we're an award-winning winery here in Redding (actually the ONLY winery near downtown), but who doesn't need a little coffee to get their motor running?

Redding, like other west coast cities, is now able to boast about great local craft coffee shops and local roasters! Before you take the dogs and kids out for a hike or a biking outing along the Sacramento River Trail, you may need to get stoked up with a little fine coffee.

Here are some of our favorites!

By the way, if you need some wine for medicinal purposes after your outings, or to take to Lake Shasta, or to sip by the fire at the end of the day as you reminisce about your fun day, feel free to stop by Moseley Family Cellars!

You'll come as guests, but leave as family!!!

Cheers and happy outing!