great history In Redding

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Did you know that "thar's gold up in them thar hills?"

Yessiree, bobtail, there's gold and other minerals up in the hills outside Redding. In fact, that was the initial industry that caused Shasta City and later Redding to spring up!

We also have two beautiful lakes that have really interesting histories of how they were built. To see the show about how the dam at Shasta Lake was constructed is truly amazing!

If you're a history buff, or you want to get your kids in on the history of Redding and the Northern CA gold rush, stop by these places on your way through. You'll appreciate all we have even more!

If you buy some of our wine, you may even end up making some history of your own, so come by Moseley Family Cellars. You'll come as guests, but you'll leave as family!

Enjoy Redding!