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"There’s all sorts of romance in winemaking. There's a wonderful link between the Creator of the fruit, the vineyard manager, the Creator of the terroir, the creator of the wine, the barrel cooper and the end result. Artistry is woven into every part of our process, from our aged French barrels to the premium grapes we use from Napa, Sonoma, Lake County and surrounding areas. We’re proud that it has won our wines several awards since 2009. To find your favorites, come see us in The Tasting Room."
—Marty Moseley, Winemaker

Everyday Wines

S O L D   O U T!


This is your ultimate Sauv Blanc, very similar in style to a New Zealand Sauv. It is bright, crystal clear and crisp, with clean and refreshing lemon grass, gooseberry and citrus on the nose, Meyer lemon and green apple mid-palette and a clean, mouth-watering finish.

Pairs well with creamy cheeses, appetizers, salads, crab cakes, oysters, fish and/or poultry. // Serve at 53–55° // $19.00   Sauv Your Problems!

2016 premiere Chardonnay (unoaked) — Carneros, CALIFORNIA

This early bottling of our world-class Chardonnay is one of our "Three Sisters," along with the Canaan Cardonnay and the Buerre Blanc Chardonnay. It begins with beautiful white grapefruit and pear cider on the nose. As soon as you sip it, the fresh acid and bright citrus reveal the true beauty of the Chardonnay grape – tastes like a green apple and pear tart with a caramel drizzle on top of whipped cream. Layers of Meyer Lemon marmalade, tar and white plum/pluot on the palate. Smooth, clean finish makes your mouth dance for joy — watch it or you’ll start bustin’ out a new move!  
Pairs well with cheese plates, appetizers, salads and skin-on chicken or sauces with fat. // Serve at 58–60° // $26.00    A Chardonnay A Day!

2016 Canaan Chardonnay (oaked) — Carneros, CALIFORNIA

This is one of our "Three Sisters," along with the Premiere and the Buerre Blanc Chardonnays. It has a natural sweetness from the neutral French Oak barrels, in which it was aged for a full year before bottling. It has the same beautiful white grapefruit and pear cider on the nose, but adds some nice banana and vanilla, and you'll notice that the beautiful acids have been softened a little. Smooth and clean but softer finish makes your mouth dance for joy, but the softness makes you reach for more food to go with this beauty!  
Pairs well with cheese plates, appetizers, salads and skin-on chicken or sauces with fat. // Serve at 58–60° // $26.00    A Soft Kiss!

2015 beurre blanc (mlf) chardonnay — carneros, CA

This beautiful Chardonnay from Carneros is the sister to the Premiere and Canaan Chardonnays, except it was aged in neutral French Oak for a year, and underwent malolactic fermentation, which softened this beauty on the palate. Same great pear tart flavor, but with some butter and vanilla notes. This is not your typical overdone buttery Chard. It is more subtle on the palate, but the finish is delightful and is where the butter and oak really shine. Your mouth will be singing this wine’s praises! Pairs well with appetizers, salads, salmon and chicken on the grill. Or sip by itself! // Serve at 60-64° // $26   Gimme some Buddah!

2015 viognier — southern oregon

This Viognier from Talent, OR is exactly what we love in this varietal. It is a little lighter style of Viognier - not overly ripe, syrupy or oily as many are. This is a beautiful Old World style Viognier with a perfumed nose of honey suckle, orange blossom and white flowers. This Rhone beauty presents white peaches, vanilla, nutmeg and a long, peachy finish. Its bright acidity goes well with foods, yet it is very refreshing as a precusor to a meal or with any appetizer plate. This delight was fermented in stainless steel and bottled directly, without any oak influence, so you get the pure essence of this amazing grape.

Pairs well with appetizers, salads, Autumn dishes and any light-flesh meats from the grill. Or sip by itself! // Serve at 60-64° // $24   Love ya, Honey!

2016 L'Orange (Rhone field blend) — capay, ca

Our latest addition to our white offerings, this is known as an "orange" wine because of the beautiful amber color. A field blend of Rousanne, Marsanne and Grenache Blanc, this was a total experiment - one that worked!  This smells and tastes like ripe nectarines with white flowers on the nose, with a big mouthfeel and white peaches on the long finish. It has slight tannins which provide great structure to this amazing wine. What the whaaaat?!?!?!?

Pair chilled with appetizers, salads, charcuterie plates, pate (just no soft cheeses or items with garlic). Enjoy on the boat, by the river, in the shade, by the fire... pretty much anywyhere!  // Serve at 60-64° // $22   Fruity Patootie!

S O L D   O U T !


This is a Rosé for those who don’t like Rosés! First off, it’s bone dry. Second, it is well over 14% alcohol! Thirdly, it has layers of flavor you’d get from a red, because of how we make it!

On the nose you’ll be reminded of Watermelon and Strawberry Jolly Rancher © candies. This Rosé bursts with the flavor of strawberry jam, but also boasts a long fruity finish. It’s clean & crisp — a perfect summertime wine.

Pairs well with any appetizers, cheese plates, salads, paella, light fish and poultry. //  Serve at 53–55° // $16.00  Your World Through Rosé Colored Glasses!

S O L D   O U T !

2014 EVERYDAY Sangiovese — california

This Mediterranean beauty makes you think you’ve spent the day in Tuscany! This is an Italian masterpiece, with sweet fruit on the nose, supported by rich oak and red fruits mid-palate, and a satisfying, fruity finish. This is a bright, young wine that is great by itself or anything an Italian would love to eat! 

Pair with any appetizers, chicken, sausage, and/or pasta with a tomato sauce.  // Serve at 62–66° // $25.00  Hello Beautiful!!

2014 EVERYDAY Grenache — Capay Valley, CA

This French Mediterranean beauty makes you think you’ve spent the day in Provence – Oooh, La la! This is a beautiful French countryside beauty, with sweet fruit and fleurs on the nose, supported by delicate red fruits on an earthy mid-palate, and a satisfying, fruity finish. This is a bright, young wine that is great by itself or anything you would eat in a Provençal country restaurant! 
Pair with any appetizer, paté/foie gras, or country dish. // Serve at 62–66° // $27.00  One Gorgeous Grenache!

2015 everyday premiere pinot noir, willamette, or

This beautiful young wine is a Burgundian Beauty! The color is the perfect rose, and the nost boasts rose petals and delicate floral notes with a hint of Violet. The palate has cherries and bright fruit, and the finish is so velvety! This is a GREAT food wine and typical of the Old World style Burgundian red. 
Pair with any hard cheese, charcuterie, any kind of protein (esp salmon), pork (did someone say pork belly?). // Serve at 64–66° // $32.00  One Elegant Beauty!


2013 Everyday ZINFANDEL — California

 This beautiful, young Zinfandel boasts all the bright fruit and balance that people desire in an “early drinker.” This is not a fruit bomb as much as a fruit bouquet. It is also a food-friendly Zin, but is more fruity and cheerful than the 2011 Zin. It leads with subtle spice and bright fruit on the nose, giving way to Bing cherry and bright red berries mid palate and a clean, satisfying finish. 

Because of its nice fruit, it pairs well with any appetizer, BBQ, Asian/spiced cuisine, paella, grilled meats, as long as the preparation isn’t overly spiced! // Serve at 62–66° // $28.00  Zin Your Dreams!


This beautiful young Syrah is not as dark as the 2010, presenting a brighter nose as well as yellow and red plum notes instead of the dark plum more characteristic of new world Syrahs. It has a very nice fruit/acid balance and a clean finish. // Serve at 64–66° // $26  To Syrah with Love!

2014 Le Jardin Rouge — Capay, CA

 A luscious Grenache/Syrah/Morvédre (GSM) blend, this is a multi-faceted red blend of Grenache, Mourvédre, Syrah & Viognier (all available separately as well). Floral and raspberry notes jump from the glass, creating a beautifully enticing nose. This leads to sweet red fruits and floral notes on the palate, followed by fleshy dark plums and earth. It has a complex finish with hints of smoke and dark chocolate covered cherries, which lingers on the palate leaving you wanting more! 

Pair this wine with any complex =-4meat dish, country French or Italian cuisine. Try this with a coffee-rubbed rack of lamb! But be careful, you may slap somebody! // Serve at 64–68° // $29  From Our Secret Garden!

2014 Bello Tuscano Super Tuscan — California

This is a stellar Super Tuscan blend of Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah and a teensy bit of a surprise varietal! This wine is AMAZING, presenting a nose of blackberry, cherry, strawberry, star anise and dark chocolate. this givers way to sweet red and black fruiot, black pepper, tar and dark chocolate (can one have too much chocolate with a deep red wine?). Then it keeps pleasing with a long, velvety finish featuring more dark chocolate (do you detect a theme here?), blueberry and a smoky finish. Oh mama!!!

Pair this wine with any saucy meat dish like you’d find in Tuscany!  // Serve at 66-68° // $28   One Macho Italiano!

2011 Everyday Zinfandel — Napa & Red Bluff, CA

If Bordeaux made Zinfandel, this would be it! It's a dark beauty with layers of tannins and fruit that drink more like a Cabernet Sauvignon or Merlot than a Zinfandel. This is not a fruit bomb, but a food-friendly Zin that will serve up some amazing fruit with the right dishes. It presents subtle spice on the nose, supported with some subtle oak and rich tannins underlying lush cherry and raspberry, white pepper & red fruit mid palate and giving way to a nice, complex finish.  Pairs well with anything with EVOO and garlic! // Serve at 66–68° // $26  Zin your Dreams!

2014 EVERYDAY Cabernet — Lake County, CA

This is a finely-layered Cab from near Mt Konocti in Lake County. The soil is dark red with tons of obsidian, giving this Cab the fine structure it has. This has a great “Cab nose” of cassis/black currant and a little green chili. On the palate it starts with nice violet on the nose and black currant mid-palette, with some nice darker fruit, oak and soft tannins giving way to a smooth finish. Serve with any lamb or beef. // Serve at 66–68° // $27  Catch a Cab!

S O L D   O U T !

2013 EVERYDAY Petit Sirah — CAlifornia

This dark beauty is a rich, jammy Petit that is surprisingly well adapted as an “enjoy alone” or with food. A beautiful dark fruit and blueberry nose gives way to a lush mid-palate rich in dark stone fruit (plum) and blackberry. It offers a long, fruity finish. Serve with any meat dishes, BBQ, chili, stews, etc. //  Serve at 66–68° // $30  Small but Fierce!


2013 Gold stripe mourvédre — Capay VALLEY, CA

This earthy beauty is such a surprising wine! It reveals a beautifully complex loamy forest-floor, mushroomy foundation on the palate, with a delightful floral and bright red fruit layer on top, yet this is a super clean wine and not overpowering. // It pairs well with pork medallions with a mushroom reduction and a berry drizzle on top! // Serve at 66-68° // $50


S O L D   O U T !

2012 Gold stripe Merlot — Calistoga, CA

This is a world class right bank beauty — reminding us of when we tasted the best Merlots in the world in St Emillion, Bordeaux, France. It has the dark berry/cassis quality plus dark cherry accents on top of a finish that goes on forever, thanks to aging in French Oak for an extra year. This pairs with any beef preparation, as well as grilled meats, as long as the spice isn’t too intense. // Serve at 66–68° // $50

2013 GOLD stripe Syrah — Capay Valley, CA

This Syrah from the Capay Valley was just too good to blend into our everyday Syrah blend! The French and American Oak showcase this meaty, smoky, plummy beauty. It has a beautiful finish, thanks to the oak treatment, and is a delight to drink by itself or with food. Pairs well with any grilled meats and hearty dishes. // Serve at 66–68° // $52

2012 Laszarus — CAlifornia

This richly layered Zinfandel shows some of the peppery spice and cigar notes of a world-class Zin, balanced with soft tannins and jammy fruit, finished with a velvety softness and lingering fruit-caramel that reminds me of my Mom’s peach cobbler! Almost a dessert wine! Pairs with any chocolate desserts, as well as chicken molé and other hearty dishes with lots of intense flavors. // Serve at 66–68° // $45

2008 Resner Legacy Cabernet Sauvignon — Napa, CA

This is our inaugural Legacy series wine, named for Chris and Erin Resner, who have done so much in and for Redding. This wine honors all they have done and will do.

This is a blend of Cab Sauv from Spring Mountain and near Atlas Peak. The Spring Mountain component had plenty of Pyrazines, while the Atlas Peak wine had all the fruit. Combined, they created a beautiful Napa Cab that has aged well and will continue to do so.

It has the beautiful Napa Cab nose, thanks to the aged pyrazines, followed by all the cassis/black currant you’d expect from a Napa Cab. Then the finish shows off some coffee and dark chocolate on top of a mild, smooth finish, thanks to the extra 4 years in French Oak barrels.

Pair this beauty with any steak, lamb, or grilled meats, or with a chocolate dessert! // Serve at 66-68° // $100

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