great food In Redding


Sure, you can stop off of I-5 and get a burger, or even a plate of food at a chain restaurant, but did you know that Redding also boasts some amazing restaurants with quality food, great settings, and a place to relax away from the maddening freeway crowd?

Yes indeedy, we have some great spots to sit and chill and get fueled up right in downtown Redding!

Take a break! Unstrap the bicycles or the kayak. Get on the trail for a brisk hike before and/or after lunch. Breathe some of our fresh Northern California air! Get that blood pumping! Nourish your soul as well as your body.

We've got everything from one-of-a-kind bistros to nice cloth tablecloth restaurants for you!

Here are some of our favorites!

Oh by the way, if you need some find local wines to go with dinner, or to take with you for evening relaxation, we'd love to meet you at Moseley Family Cellars!

Cheers and enjoy all that Redding has to offer!!!