Winery in Redding, CA

Moseley Family Cellars -  Winemakers | Redding, CA

It all started back in 2003, when Marty and a buddy made wine for fun.

Fine Wine Making at its Best

At that time, we’d spent a good 15 years tasting and enjoying fine wines. So when a friend suggested we startup a winery as a hobby and a way to save some money, Marty jumped in feet first! Growing into a winery in Redding, CA, seemed like a natural pursuit. Marty was instantly hooked, loving the mystery and artistic side of winemaking, and every year found Marty and his friend making wine from different varietals. Come and enjoy the fruits of our labor at one one of our wine tasting rooms.

California & Oregon “Wines of Place”

After years of visits to the North State area of California, we felt the pull to move to Redding. We were attracted to the local culture, pace of life, and natural beauty, and both of our sons and their families had settled in Redding. The area also sported microclimates that could be conducive to growing premium wine grapes. Before we knew it, we were moving our home out of the hustle and bustle of Silicon Valley into the slower pace of Redding. We never looked back!

Family-Owned Winery

With encouragement from friends and family, our dream to establish Moseley Family Cellars was born. We eagerly established ourselves in the Redding business community and shared our love of fine handcrafted wines. The result was a great wine experience. We chose to search out the best grapes from top quality vineyards throughout California (Napa, Sonoma, Lake County) and Southern Oregon to create our sought-after wines. Purchasing grapes, as opposed to growing them ourselves, granted us the flexibility to craft our wines exactly the way we wanted. In our Moseley Family winery, we take top-quality grapes from the harvest to the crush, through fermentation, all the way through aging to bottling.

Now, we’ve added to our team with a super-talented, highly-committed Chief Winemaker (Ashley Pierce, a level II Sommelier), and a growing team of Sales staff under the leadership of Jordan Shetterly (a level I Sommelier).

Giving As a Way of Living

One of our biggest dreams was to create a business that allowed us to give back to our region. So we do that, and enlarge our sphere of giving every year. See our “Causes We Love” page to see a list of non-profits and events that we support.

Growing a Wine Community

Our other big dream is to create and grow a community of people who love food and wine, getting together and enjoying life together. Life has enough troubles on its own, and we aim to knit together people from across ideological, demographic, political, and financial spectra into a community of people who love well, who care for one another, and live lives of thanksgiving!

Our motto is “Come as guests, leave as family” and we mean it.

Hundreds of new “family members” have been added since the opening of The Tasting Room in August 2011,

and more join OUR WINE CLUBS every week.