Enjoying Wine

Some people are beer lovers; some love Scotch (single malt of course – is there any other kind?) and others love Vodka or Gin. I enjoy my Scotch and there are beers that really hit the spot, but I’m devoted to the enjoyment of wine – both by myself and with others! Part of our mission is to bring fine hand-made wines to Northern California, specifically Shasta and surrounding counties and Redding, CA. That’s what Moseley Family Cellars is all about. Our wines “pair well with friends.”

I’ll be writing a series of blogs on the enjoyment of wine; white wines, red wines, rose’ wines, and others. Together, we’ll be drinking deeply of the riches of various aspects of wine enjoyment. At some point I’ll get into varietals and well-known blends and discuss their merits from an enjoyment perspective as well. So, to kick this off, why do I enjoy wines? Let me review the ways:

The color – First off, I’m a pretty visual guy, and I LOVE the subtle hues in various wines. Did you ever realize that the hues in a Pinot Noir are completely different from a Merlot, which are completely different from a Syrah, or a Zinfandel? Well, take a look sometime. Of course that means you’ll have to open a couple of bottles at once to compare and contrast! Wine enjoyment can be DANGEROUS!!! Where a Pinot Noir is a nice garnet color, the Syrahs are a total deep purple hue, while Merlots tend to range a bit in between (a little redder than straight up purple).

The nose – The wine lover’s way of saying “the aroma,” or the way we’d say “the smell” back in Tennessee. Put your nose down in the glass and notice the differences in aroma as the wine gets closer to your nose! Try smelling it slowly, then rapidly – you’ll perceive different aromas. Try smelling it with your mouth open – different, again! Think of all the fruit, herbs, spice and floral scents that come to mind, as well as wood, dirt, forest floor, wet gravel, etc.

The flavor – This is part of the experience, and one of the most complex ones. Your taste buds work cooperatively with your sense of smell (your scents sense). So, I like the way it coats my mouth (that’s called “mouth feel”). Then, I like the flavors it imparts in different parts of my mouth.

The finish - This is what the wine tastes like after you swallow it. It's the lingering taste that begins to express itself even minutes after you've sipped, slurped, swished and swallowed. It can be the yummiest part of the experience that shows up on the back of the tongue and throat after the wine is gone - quite an experience in itself!

The pairings – Finally, I like wines that are good by themselves, but the pinnacle of winemaking, imho, is a wine that accentuates food! To have a wine that makes food taste better and visa versa is AWESOME! Well, I’m getting hungry and a little bit thirsty… so until next time, Cheers! Catch a Cab!

{pairs well with friends}