Why A Winery?

We get asked this all the time: “Why did you start a winery?”

Well, like most of my responses the answer is both simple and complex. First, the simple answer: We like wine and we like community. That’s pretty easy to grasp. Good wine and friends go well together. Having good wine is a great way to invite new friends into a community. Toss in some good food and voilà – you have a party and friends abound! Good wine leads us into communities of people with common interests and friends. That’s pretty simple.

The more complex answer is that we have loved the experience of meeting with people in tasting rooms, chatting about essential elements of life – food, wine, family, experiences, favorite past-times, etc. At our tasting room in Redding, CA, we have some friends who are part of our community and the husband told a very thought-provoking story of when they were recently in Ireland. The big take-away from the conversation was a chat he had with a local gentleman in a neighborhood pub in Dublin who started coming to the pub with his grandfather some 60 years prior. He told my friend: “You Americans drink to forget. We drink to remember.That took my breath away! What an amazing statement! It speaks to generations of family and friends and community members and businessmen and women who grow up and build community and culture together, and reminisce about days gone by, loved ones lost, values and life lessons. That’s extremely powerful and compelling. You can’t get that using Facebook or in 140 character text bytes. You get that by spending time together, looking at each other eye-to-eye, feeling emotions and sharing lives. It happens in person. It also happens easier with a glass of wine in hand. If you can throw some good food into the mix, you get magic!

That’s why “wine.”

{pairs well with friends}